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Best Apps For Mothers and Kids

Everyone has an Android phone these days, no matter from which occupation you are; you should have a little high tech phone in your pocket.

These smart phones have eased our lives by many means, now there is no need to have a calculator in your hand to calculate, neither you need a watch.

Your Android phone can perform all these tasks without any problem. In-fact much more advanced tasks too.

Today we have gathered three most useful apps for kids and mothers including best sms apps, baby tracker and growth app that will help them to stay in touch with each other and ease their work.

Let’s take a look!

Best for themes: GO SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro is a very interesting app and is perfect for people who love to have different sort of colors and themes for each app.

They have many texting plans that allow you to have great chatting experience. In the trial version you may see some advertisements and often you need to click on them. But the pro version probably has lesser amount of ads.

What I like the best about this app is the amount of themes and stickers they provide to users.

You can choose a perfect theme for your mobile that matches best with your mobile interface and integrates well.

There are numerous themes but some special ones are premium and you need to spend a few coins to purchase them.

Baby Tracker Nursing App:

If you have just become a mom or you have your first child, then it would be probably hard for you to schedule many things.

It’s a new experience and many new mothers struggle to manage things.

If you are having such problems too, then Baby tracker nursing app is probably what you need.

You can schedule breastfeeding time periods for your baby, you can make logs of it and it is also useful if you want to share the details with your baby’s doctor or a lactation consultant.

Growth App:

This app will help you to make a record of your baby’s growth through the first few years after his/her birth.

You can either choose WHO or CDC template for your baby that tracks growth from birth until 20 years of age.

It is mostly used by pediatricians.


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