Dr CYJ Hair Filler: My hair savior!

Three years ago, I started noticing my hair falling out a lot. Normally, many girls experience hair fall but top of my head was very thin. Being a proactive person my hairdresser recommended me, to do some research. Different things you can add up to your diet that will make up your hair stronger. So that’s how I started my investigation on cause of my hair loss. I also started using hair supplements, hair products and I spent a lot of money on very expensive hair shampoos and conditioners to stimulate my hair growth. And what I found was my hair was still falling out and getting thinner day by day and I was quite stressed about it.

One day I was very dishearten about the whole thing and I could not be healthier instead of eating so clean and still it was not working out for me. So I decided to go to see a dermatologist to find the root cause of my problem. he gave me a hair spray that cost around 50 dollars. The first time I started using it, I was not very much satisfied as my scalp felt itchy and greasy but after using it for a couple of days my hair growth was back. I was so happy, I cannot explain in words but a few days later my hair fall became twice than it was before.

I did the blood cell analysis to know about my problem, I spoke to many therapists and they all gave me different advices, none of them worked, though. This made me more curious and I went on heading back to my research again. While I was eager to know the reason behind it, I got reports of my stool test that said, I was high anti-gliadin that means my gut was high affected by gluten; stopping all the nutrients from my food to get absorbed by the body. Plus my stomach was filled with bacteria called Klebsiella pneumonia, nourishes on body’s nutrients.

Despite of knowing all my problems and solving it to some extent, I was not getting my lost hair back because the follicles were lacking on my head. I somehow had to find ways to re-grow hair follicle. While I was on my research, I found many articles informing about Dr. CYJ hair filler that is extensively used to revitalize hair by steming the follicles on scalp to spread hair. I found it the only solution of my hair loss issue. As it contains hyaluronic acid which is so far present in our hair naturally, so I did not find it trouble-causing. I bought it from http://hyaldirect.com

After spending hours and hours on internet, I found an authorized seller of these products and the purpose; I found it more authentic was, they were offering therapy under the charge of a trained expert. Plus the phobia of syringes was instantly gone, the moment he inserted the first syringe into my scalp because I felt literally no pain.

I trusted Hyaldirect and they honestly met up on my expectations.

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