Should I use Floradix during pregnancy?

What Is Floradix?

Floradix is a supplement that is used to treat anemia. It liquid iron supplement that many women choose because of low iron during pregnancy. Iron deficiency or anemia can be very damaging for both the mom and the unborn baby so it is important that a woman gets enough iron. During pregnancy, the blood volume of the body will increase by around 50 percent. You should also avoid any sort of dermatological treatment. If you physician has asked you to buy Juvederm voluma before the treatment from Hyaldirect, then you should first ensure that you are not pregnant, since nearly all dermal fillers suggest pregnant and breast feeding women to avoid having any sort of dermal fillers’ treatment.

More blood equals a need for more hemoglobin. If the body doesn’t have enough iron, it can’t produce enough hemoglobin. This can lead to problems for both mother and baby. This is why many pregnant women choose an iron supplement like Floradix. It can help to prevent the problems that can follow low iron levels or anemia during pregnancy.

What Floradix Does?

Since Floradix is a liquid iron supplement, it is absorbed faster into the bloodstream than other iron supplements. The absorption rate of Floradix is usually around 25 percent, while other iron supplements usually offer around 2-10 percent of absorption. Having such a high rate of absorption can help to ease side effects usually related to iron supplements like constipation and nausea.

If you have low iron levels during your pregnancy, your doctor might recommend an iron supplement like Floradix for you. The usual dosage is 10 ml twice each day, before meals. You can drink a glass of orange juice with your dosage to help to increase absorption.
One thing to remember is that you should not drink milk or dairy within two hours of taking Floradix, since this can hinder absorption. As long as you follow these instructions, you should have no problems when it comes to taking Floradix.

What To Remember?

It is important to remember that if your doctor recommends an iron supplement for you, that you take that supplement every single day to prevent your iron levels from getting too low. If your doctor recommended it for you, it is important to make sure to take it every day and not to miss a dose.

Some women are concerned that certain forms of iron supplements contain angelica root, which is known to bring on the menstrual cycle. However, the iron supplements do not contain enough of this ingredient to cause problems with the pregnancy.
If you do have questions about the safety of your iron supplement, make time to talk it over with your doctor to make sure that everything is safe and there is nothing to worry about. Following your doctor’s recommendations will ensure that you stay in the best of health for the duration of your pregnancy.

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